Tenant/Landlord Regulations

The relationship between tenants and landlords is a delicate one, as breaches of rental agreements can lead to protracted and expensive litigation over eviction. Everyone aspires to be a fair landlord and tenant, but sometimes things get complicated and one of the parties does not meet their obligations under the lease agreement.

An amendment has been made to Israeli property law, enabling the filing of a claim for the eviction of tenants in accordance with a special shortened procedure. This procedure enables and expedited eviction of a tenant who is unwilling to comply with the terms of the lease agreement. Property owners have thus been given recourse to the phenomenon of a tenant unwilling to comply with the lease terms.

It should be noted that you can reduce the chances of tenants or landlords breaching the lease by drafting a clear rental contract. Navigating between the rights and obligations afforded to landlords and tenants, IRE Lawyers can aid you in creating contracts and procedures that bring clarity and transparency to the relationship with your counterpart, provide built-in recourse, and the confidence that you can candle any situation. Contact any one of our lawyers for more information.