Selling Property

For many, selling property is the biggest capital transaction of their life. From dealing with realtors and the municipality, to ensuring that the transfer of land registration goes smoothly, the undertaking of selling a property is onerous. There are many small obligations and tasks that need to be undertaken in order to sell a property. IRE Lawyers can help ensure that you and the buyer establish not only the price of the property, but also the date of evacuation, the date of payment, and the presence/absence of furniture in the property.

An especially important one is the Warning Mark, which is a feature that is unique to Israeli land law. A warning mark represents an undertaking by a seller to make a transaction or, to refrain from making a transaction on a specific parcel. When a warning mark includes the name of a buyer, it is said to be “in their favour”. Because only one warning mark may be registered for an apartment at a time, it is a concrete step in the property buying and selling process.

Warning marks serve two purposes. First, to warn and inform anyone interested in a property that there exists an obligation on the part of its owner to change the property’s ownership status, and second, to prevent a landowner who has promised to conduct a transaction with a specific buyer from making a conflicting transaction. IRE Lawyers can help time the registration of the warning mark, acting as an intermediary step to assure the buyer’s cooperation with the terms of the contract.

With so much at stake, both financially and legally, it is imperative that you have the backing of a team that can walk you through the legal, logistical, and procedural steps needed to sell your property. IRE Lawyers can guide you from start to finish to ensure that your sale is a successful one.