Buying a Property in Israel

Buying a Property

Purchasing property in Israel is not simple. From finding the right property, negotiating the price, to signing a contract and registering it, the process requires patience and an in-depth knowledge of the market. It is important to note that there are two primary types of property in Israel, private property and state property. There are different regulations for these two types of land, particularly in terms of the transfer of property rights. At IRE Lawyers, we understand the procedural differences and help our clients navigate the process with the Israeli Land Registry in a transparent way. It is not uncommon for Israeli properties to have sections or rooms that have been added on or built without the proper governmental process. This is something you have to be prepared for. We work to get ahead of these problems, verifying that there are no legal complications that could hinder the deal. Working to protect your legal rights throughout the process, we will ensure that you understand your rights and obligations, and that your purchase goes as planned.


Professional real estate agents can also be a valuable and useful resource to help you find an apartment. If you decide that a real estate agent is necessary for you, it is important that you find one that is credible and transparent. In some cases, both the buyer and the seller will employ the services of the same real estate agents to This has both benefits and drawbacks; on one hand, having the same real estate agent can create a conflict of interest, but on the other, it can cut costs and create a more cohesive process. Whatever you ultimately decide, IRE Lawyers can connect you with an agent, draft the service contract, and be at your side as you begin to build this important relationship with the agent.


In Israel, it is also common to solicit the services of an independent appraiser, and in some cases, an engineer or an architect. This is done to give the prospective buyer a gauge of how much the property is worth based on a variety of considerations: including local prices, zoning restrictions, and special features of the house. Engineers and architects can be solicited to verify that the foundations, water and main lines, and other structural features of the house are in the condition claimed by the seller. IRE Lawyers can help you determine whether an appraiser, an architect, or an engineer is necessary in your case, and if so, help draft and negotiate agreements on your behalf. Contact any one of our lawyers to get you on the right track to purchasing a property in Israel.